Tuesday, June 7, 2005


I went to the movies a couple of days ago. Before the picture started there was the inevitable string of ads. So I watched, trying to figure out how the creators of those ads came to producing them. What was their intention? What is the message? How creative is the ad? How fun is it? Will I remember the product? Will it be like those really smart, funny, nice ads that are actually so enjoyable that I forget the product that was advertised?

Well, out of 22 ads, 7 were really original, relevant, clear, fun and had impact on me. The remaining 15 lacked character or were plain stupid. 31.82% real good stuff; 68.18% crap. And I trust crap will sell just as well in many cases.

Actually I have a few friends who work in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and they say that in some of those companies the consumer is considered as no more intelligent and independent than the famour dog of Pavlov... No wonder some ads really suck big time! Oh, and while I am at it, if there are any Nestlé people reading this blog, please see what you can do to stop producing idiotic films like those in the latest Kit-kat campaign.