Monday, September 5, 2005

Of decisions, choices and duality...

Duality_1There can be no certainty in our world. Decisions are often complex. Choices even more so. Especially when one has trouble with the world of feelings and with intuitions. There are no road signs, no way of being rationally certain that a decision is right and no way of feeling peace with the choice of a path prior to walking the path, for the path does not exist before one walks the steps that eventually form a path. In may respects 'right' and 'wrong' are illusory ways of categorizing events in our world of relativity.

I used to feel that the position of decision makers was easy and somewhat unfair because by their very action of deciding, decision makers would affect the lives of other people. I used to believe that They had the upper hand and those affected by a decision would pay the price of the decision more than those making the decision. This is yet another opinion that seems correct and is in fact wrong,
for the decision maker too pays a price for his or her decisions,
especially if making good decisions is important to them. It is a very
different price, but nonetheless a hefty one.

In fact, there has been a time in my life when I wanted to be a "different" decision maker, perhaps more focused on the consequences of decisions for other people. Then part of my life happened and it taught me that it is best to undertake an action for its own merit rather than for its induced effects, be they positive or negative. This is what makes one live in the present. And the 'present' is preciously rare. My brother pointed out to me that if we were to apply the law of scarcity as formulated in Economics, then the most precious thing we have is the present.

Duality is an illusion... unlike when one drives on a road in the country side. In certain respects our world can be considerably light. The Unbearable Lightness of Being?


  1. This is soooo right! (From the perspective of someone who is currently taking a few far reaching decisions in life)

  2. So today I guess you return the favor. Your post helps me in a way you have no idea. There never is a way to know whether the decision you have made is a good or bad one. Whether it is right or wrong. Sometimes we got so caught up weighing the pros and cons we forget what it was we were trying to decide to begin with. In that situation we have defeated ourselves. I guess all we can do is go about trying our "best" whatever that may be and hope that along the way we don't cause too much grief and if we do those who hurt have a big enough heart to forgive.

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