Saturday, November 26, 2005

Very cool company

Sp3220051126211851A couple of weeks ago I tried a new service of electronic ticketing provided by Mocom, a start-up from Luxembourg.

What a cool experience this is!

Imagine buying your concerts online whenever you like (24/24, 7/7, 365/365) and having them delivered almost instantly to your cell phone. Imagine that to get inside a concert hall, all that is needed is for the screen of your cell phone to be scanned at the entrance. Well, all this is now reality. That is what Mocom lets you do and to them a ticket can be nothing else but an m-ticket. The whole system works beautifully well: it took me less than a minute to have 6 m-tickets scanned.

Really cool service from a very cool company I met at Technoport, the tech incubator of Luxembourg. The way they've developed their platform allows them to handle single tickets, group tickets, loyalty cards, membership cards, blocks of tickets for a limited number of accesses to a service (underground, gym club...) and much more... So, I would not be surprised to see m-tickets powered by Mocom in a number of places in Europe over the coming year or so.

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