Thursday, March 1, 2007

Clipmarks just got better

I simply cannot describe how delighted I was today to discover the new version of Clipmarks, which delivers a host of features I needed and never got down to writing a mail to tell those guys. Clipmarks is a beautiful tool that allows you to keep only those parts of a web page that you consider relevant, to qualify and comment them and potentially to share them with the rest of the Clipmarks community. I use it a lot while doing research on the web to keep track of the stuff I find in a way that is organized and simple to exploit. Now the tool just became more powerful by integrating video content and by making it possible for me to select content and to publish my clips and notes on my blog. Here's the list of things that Clipmarks is now capable of doing (quoted from their announcement):

"Clip Video: You can now clip videos from YouTube, Google, Metacafe and others.
Clip-to-Blog: You can now post clips directly to your blog, with or without saving it to Supports WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Movable Type, LiveJournal and Vox.
Clip-to-Email: You can now email what you clip without saving it first.
Clip Sentences: If the orange lines don't give you what you want, it's now easy to select words or sentences within a paragraph."

These guys definitely know how to design a good online product and how to deliver excellent user experience. Hats off!


  1. Hi Alex,
    Wow, was that ever a nice post to see while flipping through the results for clipmarks on google blog search today! Thanks for the really nice compliments :)
    I'm very glad to hear that the stuff we added we're the features you're looking for.

  2. Thank you Eric. You guys did a good job and this is the era where talent is what drives strategic advantage of companies, so you deserve praise. As a manager I make a point of providing feedback and of recognizing great achievement when I see them.
    Keep up the good work!