Friday, June 8, 2007

Joost's great move

The bold objective of the Venice Project (to bring the best of TV together with the best of the Internet) was promising, especially considering the profiles of the founders. Right from the very first steps of Joost's beta, one could not possibly be anything less than impressed as the quality of the Joost experience is just excellent even though there is still quite some work to be done to boost the amount of content that is available on the platform. In my opinion, the most exciting part of Joost lies in its peer-to-peer nature, which essentially means that it leverages the bandwidth of everyone connected to optimize the delivery of content; there is great business potential on Joost because it addresses all sort of audiences while bridging the gap between the early adopters of innovation and the more conservative segments of the population. But all that is technical in nature and it will not deliver on its promises unless the right people are hired to bring the vision to life and execute the strategy. Execution is everything. So, what better move could Joost possibly do but hire someone with stellar record of strategy formulation and execution to lead the company? So they did, bringing on board ex-Cisco strategy and M&A wizard Mike Volpi. The ability to hire the right people is probably one of those characteristics that are common to all successful entrepreneurs. In fact, hiring properly, growing talent and empowering  people are strategic capabilities for the 21st century.

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