Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Tribute to a modern humanist

Gardenia_oct2005I'd like to tell you a few words about  an exceptionally talented individual I am very proud to call a friend. I think of him as a genuine representative of an open and creative world. He is somebody I met well over a decade ago during as we were both somewhat anxiously expecting our turn to take an exam in civil law at the business school.

His name is Roberto Ostinelli and he is one of those multi-faceted personalities who are able to achieve excellent performance in a variety of fields. Roberto graduated from a business school and got an MBA, but to him that was just one facet of life. Aside from that was his strong interest for developing software, excelling in electronic games and crucially his passion about music. Back at university he was already performing on a very regular basis and I was lucky to attend a few of his concerts. Roberto recently wrote some great new songs a couple of which are available for download here. One thing I can tell you is that I had hard time selecting only a few!

Roberto is the type of person one has big trouble fitting into just one category, which is what most people do today as our world is one of extreme specialisation, accelerating pace of living and scarcity of independent analysis and judgement. Roberto's example is an invitation to look closer, to be more curious and to remember that the greatness of European civilisation was achieved thanks to Renaissance Humanism. A period of civilization in which his countrymen was pioneers and which gave us people of exceptional openness and versatility like Leonardo da Vinci. Roberto is a worthy successor.

Enjoy his music!

Track 1 - Date
Download 01_date.mp3

Track 3 - Il volo degli Dei
Download 03_il_volo_degli_dei.mp3

Track 8 - Vale
Download 08_vale.mp3

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  1. dear alex, what happened to the wisdom i usually find in your written words? ;)
    it's the space you're standing on which is the only responsible for the view you're having. thank you for this window.