Friday, March 24, 2006

The Little Prince: 60th anniversary of the French version

Lirehs3_bigFrench magazine Lire has an exceptional issue dedicated to The Little Prince, a book I personally consider as a wonderful creation that is full of resources for a wide variety of contexts (education, personal development, business, politics...) and for all stages of human life. It's well worth getting it if you speak the language.
I found it interesting to learn how New York welcomed Saint-Exupéry as an acknowledged writer when the French literary circles of Paris in the thirties were quite disdainful of him because he was seen as an airpilot who would occasionally write, i.e. not a "real" writer. He was not "pure" enough in short. Perhaps a proof that the quest for "purity" was not exclusively an attribute of nazis and fascists... Also an interesting perspective on the rigidities of France which are by not means new and had already caused the country to be in deep decline right after WWII.

If only The Little Prince was to inspire the Prince in our countries and organizations...

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