Thursday, April 27, 2006


20060226_iphoto_chainofpeople_2A couple of months ago I discovered Participate. Their slogan is "FIlms have the power to inspire. You have the power to act. Participate!" and I think it is a cool idea. These guys are producing movies with a message, movies that support a cause. Yet they are a business that operates for profit. This is another interesting combination of activism and business something some people call "social capitalism". Let me tell you about their latest campaign.

Participate just sent me an email about a movie they are about to release, which deals with climate change and makes the case for each one of us to do something at their own individual scale to help avert a disaster.  The movie is called "An inconvenient truth" and here is a link to its website. The deeplink to the page calling us to action is here. Please visit.

To me what Participate does is a creative way to invite citizens to action, while at the same time making required profits to remain in business. They contributed to movies like "Good night and good luck", which was a good reminder of history and a proper analogy to political practice of our times in many countries. In my opinion, the content of the movies produced by Participate is also excellent food for thought for business leaders and perhaps a more effective way to invite us all to take the path of more ethical and responsible acton in everyday life.

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