Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Potential within

SolutioninterieureA little over a month ago I read the latest book written by a most interesting Belgian doctor in medicine called Thierry Janssen. The book is called "La solution interieure" and makes the case that a substantial number of factors necessary to human well-being and health are actually to be found within each one of us. I think that has enormous implications for the way we run our businesses, our societies, our planet...

While extremely committed to scientific discipline, the author gives an account of his research in and study of various forms of the art of taking care of human well-being. The book deals with a whole range of disciplines amongst which is our western medical science and convincingly makes the case that it is time to broaden the scope of our thinking when it comes to health and well-being, while it also argues in favour of preserving a scientific approach / discipline to guarantee the quality of "service" to people. Full of common sense and characterized by true scientific curiosity, this book is the kind I really enjoy because it is devoid of "certainties" and "truths", focusing rather on questions that are worth asking and aswering (an you know how much I enjoy questions). Of course, some of the questions may not be comfortable to answer for the pharmaceutical industry at least in the short run...

It is definitely worth reading and I hope translated versions become available soon.

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