Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Common sense for start-ups

Laurent Kratz, the CEO of Jamendo and someone I respect a lot as a person, sent me a link to this excellent post continaing very sound advice for Infotech start-ups. The article is really full of common sense and I subscribe to the author's views 100%. If you are to build a durable business, then you cannot afford to be just hype and fad-of-the-day compliant. Yes you do need a sustainable business model that you and your team can actually bring to life... which of course brings us back to what is a the very center of any successful business: people with a purpose using their capabilities in a way that best matches their values in an environment compatible with who they really are. And somehow this requires to know thyself, which brings us into the realm of introspection, philosophy, meditation and other forms of the art of living... How much of that will I do today "to be the change I wish to see in the world"? That's an interesting question for me today... and perhaps you will also want to use it as food for thought...

So it does seem that the prime challenge for business success in the coming years is the people factor that is not adequately addressed today by most HR management precisely because HR is about resources and people are people not resources. So here's the question of the day: what do I do today to help my human counterparts bring their best contribution? Whether these counterparts are my partners, clients, employees, bosses or event competitors is irrelevant I think... The game is not competition and war, but it can also be that. The game is in essence coevolution, which transcends and includes a form of respectful competition I believe.

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