Monday, July 10, 2006

PGAS and Compassion

Perfect Green Apples (PGA) without aroma nor taste are popular these days. We like what seems flawless. Nations fall for politicians whose image is carefully crafted by spin doctors. Our society is one of cruel judgement without heart and sensitivity. That's what I call the "Perfect Green Apple Syndrome" or PGAS in short. PGAS is pollution of the mind..

We have developed talent in executing the usual suspect; talent in destroying our fallen heroes (Zidane being only the last and today more than ever, I just love Zidane). How much energy will we accept to wastebefore we realize? Have we lost the Way of the Heart? Are we negating the legitimacy of a green apple that does not hide its imperfections? Can mandkind be standardized to fit one mold? Can the mold be forced into producing only "standard Agent Smith-like products"?

I just spent a few days of NLP training exploring the path of compassion. The path of "feeling alike without fear nor judgement". Compassion is not commiseration. Where compassion is, fearful finger-pointing and judgemental fear cannot be. Only then can we trully feel and understand any human experience. Only then can each cell of our beings feel the spark of humanity in each monster and the monster's share in ourselves. Only then can we trully accept each shade of humanity, with its visible and its hidden aspects. Only when we realize that for light to exist there must be a shadow which is well worth celebrating. Only then is there true light: light that comes from within. And that is actually the essence of true team-spirit. Is that path easy to walk? It is all a matter of attitude even though the first steps may feel uncomfortable. Would that help a business? You can bet on it!


  1. For humanity, denial is a full time business. Denial of its past, its present and its impact on its future. Denial of its true nature.
    All this denial happens in every one of us and acts as a veil on Truth from which can only come the liberation the opens the path for the life we are made for and craving to reach.
    That path is narrow and not easy to walk ; though the only path that is worth walking (well, stumbling on, alas so often).
    When we walk this path together, we get a church, a family, a company.

  2. Well, yes David, denial is one of our favouriet states of mind as humans... There are a couple of others though:
    - ignorance
    - flight
    - gel / immobility
    - fight / violence
    - martyrdom / fake altruism
    It takes heart and mind to face and transform our demons. And that's a matter of individual conscience, although it does help to walk that path with other humans, determined to clear their act and become who they really are.