Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jajah buttons go live

When Jajah hit the market I became convinced that it would be here to stay and that it would make it possible to do some pretty interesting things. A clever implementation of IP enabled telephony using existing telecoms equipment, they have been able to assert themselves in a position from which to offer interesting services.

One of those interesting services is to make it possible for people and businesses that have at least a web page online to allow their visitors to call them. I think it's a great tool because at its simplest it allows some form of interactivity for otherwise "dumb" websites and for more evolved web sites it enables interactions through a channel that everybody on the planet is familiar with (the good old phone). Benefits are numerous and since the description provided by the company is very well written, I will simply quote it.

This is the first "personal, truly
global toll-free click-to-call service
" (available in more than 120
countries). JAJAH Buttons realize free and seamless voice communication in
online communities and email. One-click calling out of e-mails, websites, blogs
or social network profiles.

Initiating a call through a JAJAH
is as easy as entering your very own phone number and clicking
'Call' - all at absolutely no cost for the caller and complete privacy, your
phone number will never be revealed to the caller.
are completely customizable (size, color, style), you can you
set the time when you are free to accept phone calls and you can also protect
your privacy by rejecting or even blocking phone numbers. JAJAH Buttons are available as a Flash widget,
click-to-call buttons or a simple plain text link.

friends and family can now call you without any restrictions, obstacles or cost
considerations. You simply add your button to your email signature, send them
the email, they click on it and call you
they don't have to be registered
and there is no local numbers play, JAJAH buttons work anytime by just typing in
your phone number.

From a business perspective a JAJAH
is the quickest, cheapest way to a very own toll-free number.
Every SME can now afford to let their customers call them – from one or many
countries, or from all over the world.

What is going on with Jajah simply confirms me in my belief that the genius behind Jajah's business concept lies on the "simple" convergence between the web and traditional telephony. With their "call me" buttons they may well revolutionize direct marketing in addition to other commercial and non-commercial practices. So expect me to implement it on this blog pretty soon (as soon as I am done delivering on a project that is taking a lot of my time right now).


  1. Jaxtr has been providing a free "Call me" widget for over 6 months now...and unlike Jajah's button, it is free for everyone to use, whether or not they are a Jajah user. Jajah is free for the caller, but not always for the callee. Jaxtr is always free for both parties.
    Jaxtr's blog explains the differences well: http://jaxtr.blogspot.com/

  2. Hi Megan,
    Thanks for your comment. I wasn't aware about Jaxtr so thanks to you I will be able to try and to comment on this blog :-)

  3. Free, free, free... well does it make a great business model at the end of the day? Especially if your core feature is free?
    In the current context of EBay's doubts about Skype (http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/technology/article2570267.ece), Jajah is maybe making a smart move here.