Monday, October 1, 2007

Wine 2.0? A long-tail business model for the wine business

This is about something I have covered on this blog, this is about a business quest that has been unfolding for the past couple of years (I am proud to support) on the slopes of the Mosel wine producing region. Markus has put together an interesting pitch that is available for all to view on Vator TV (by the way, that's quite an interesting platform). Watch it and rate it on Vator's platform if you feel like doing so:


  1. My comment isn't related to this post - just wanted to say thanks for linking me on your blog !

  2. It's a pleasure. I like the style and content of your blog.
    By the way, would you care posting the invitation for the blog action day of 15-OCT and keep it as a featured item for the next couple of weeks?