Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Direct from AlwaysOn OnMedia NYC 2008

Just got to the OnMedia conference and glad to be here for a new edition meeting friendly faces from previous events. Same posh location and already a couple of very striking facts for the marketing & communication industry or at least stuff I found quite interesting and worth commenting:

  • found a flyer of IBM Global Services giving their analysis of the momentous changes this industry is undergoing. My take: if IBM GS is around looking for business the changes could be even greater than we think in the field of media & marketing;

  • fact from a KPMG survey of 300 CEOs,executives, VCs and insiders of the industry: 64% of them feel between 26% and 50% of media time and spending is to shift to new media;

  • fact from the same survey: 91% feel advertisers have not figured out how social media fits into marketing mix;

  • search engine marketing voted most effective form of online advertising by 71% of those surveyed;

  • large majority see mobile marketing effort increasing within the next couple of years.

Interesting trends don't you think? Of course as a friend of mine keeps saying surveys can be twisted to convey the desired message, so they have to be taken with a pinch of salt, but nevertheless the field is ripe for some momentous changes, all of which may not necessarily be in favor of Google. For example I doubt AdWords will be successful in its current form in the long run... but that's for another post :-)

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