Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yet another take on the future of marketing

Excellent piece that I got from Paul Isakson's awesome blog. Absolutely worth listening to warefully end to end. The ideas that people interact in specific contexts and that the whole purpose of marketing is to do useful stuff for people seem deceptively simple, yet they are all too often overlooked.

I really enjoyed the way the presenter John V. Willshire puts things back in perspective and shows how excess focus on doing fun stuff, trying to get the buzz-machine and rumour-mill rolling, cannot be an end in itself. We really need CMOs to take a more integral view of things, tying strategy to execution on a continuous basis (as opposed to discrete initiatives called "campaigns" - today you're in a campaign every single second) and crucially putting their customers and future customers right at the center of everything they do. Where things get complicated is that nobody should infer from the preceding statement that customers should always be treated as kings and allowed to do as they please without regard for anyone else: sometimes we need to provoke customers, displease them and even frustrate them, in particular when those paths are the best ways to build brand equity.

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