Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vopium: does it rock?

I came across Vopium today and from what I read on their site and elsewhere online:

  1. what they promise rocks, period and it's particularly relevant at this point in time with buyers being weary of spending too much

  2. the offering stands to put even more pressure on mobile operators whose position is likely to be further undermined by VoIP plays like Skype (now running on some mobile phones) and Jajah. In fact, Jajah + Vopium spells the end of mobile operators' dominant position on the market of mobile connectivity;

  3. it would be interesting to consider how Vopium could be combined to open WiFi networks in a logic analogous to Fon as it would definitely have some major appeal for roamers, even though GSM incumbents might not enjoy this that much :)

Anyway, I downloaded the software on my E61i. More in a few days.

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