Thursday, October 1, 2009

Top global brands: big swings and US dominance

The list of top global brands was published a few days ago by Interbrand and BusinessWeek. The top 10 brands are largely the same as last year, but the list of brands that have made the biggest gains is interesting: Google (+25% in brand value), Amazon (+22%),  Zara (+14%), NestlĂ© (+13%) and Apple (+12%) make up the top-5 of the year's winners. Brands that have lost value are (unsurprisingly) those of financial institutions with UBS (-50%), Citi (-49%) and Amex (-32%) leading the pack.


A break-down by country shows the US brands account for nearly two thirds of top global brands, while the top 3 countries of origin (US, Japan, Germany) are home to over 80% of top global brands (see chart - click to enlarge).

The total value of global brands based in the US reaches an amazing 744.2 billion US dollars, while Japan's are worth about 91.8 billion dollars, only slightly above Germany's 91.2 bn$.

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