Friday, March 4, 2005

NLP - phase 2

Today is the first of four days of my second phase of training in Neuro Linguistic Programming. It's ben a month now since I attended the foundations class. All I can say is that I have seen enormous benefits in my projects and in my daily life from applying what I was taught during the foundations class. I was lucky to have a fantastic trainer and to be following the training with an exceptional bunch of highly motivated individuals.

The benefits are already enormous. What I really like about this part of my training programme of 2005 is that what I learn is applicable in a number of fields in my activity including my personal R&D project dealing with organisational design. I believe that the tools provided by NLP at the level of individuals and team communication can be applied in ways that leads to desired effects in terms of organisational structure. Now I must research this and test the statement in field conditions.

For me NLP can also provide tools to help talent emerge from the inert industrial age organigrams and dry workflow / process diagrams. I am committed to show that in the Information Age Talent Rules. For me people make the world go round (or not).

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