Monday, August 29, 2005

Training specifications template

Holidays_martinique_2004_00102Over the past year I developed a number of tailor-made and standard training events for customers. One of the things I am doing each time is to define what the specs of the training should be. And as with every single thing one undertakes, one of the keys to success is to set an objective that is adequate for them in a way that will work for them in pactice (see the conditions of proper formulation of objectives in an earlier post on this blog).

So now I am publishing a template for specifying training events that you are free to use (and free to tell me how it works for you) if you are developing trainings. With a little bit of tweaking around the template also works for specifying a service for a customer or for a segment of the market. The document contains only info that makes sense for me and depending on your business requirements, you may need to include legal and other aspects to it. Let this be my contribution to your efforts if you will.
Download 20050827_TrainingSpecs.doc

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