Monday, August 1, 2005

Coming up on this blog

I have a list of topics on which I would like to write a piece on this blog in the coming days and weeks. So let me give you a preview and invite you to drop me a line or leave a comment on this blog if you think about other subject you would like me to write about. Of course, I cannot commit to accept all proposals as there are clearly matters I feel like writing about and other I would rather skip; in any event your suggestions are welcome and will be studied.
Anyway here's the list of what's coming up on this blog:

  • NLP and professional orientation

  • how to give people feedback in a respectful manner

  • why on-the-job coaching makes sense

  • how to develop and use human potential in IT projects

  • is NLP a technique of manipulation?

  • how to manage confusion of logical levels

  • the attributes of "flow activities" and personal happiness

Have a great week.

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