Friday, July 29, 2005

Open cuisine, open recipe and creative commons

ResultatfinalAs you might know, I believe in an open and free world of sharing, caring and respect. From political freedom and respect for vital values to open-source products and free software. That does not mean chaos for the simple reason that an open and free world can be reasonably regulated and governed. Creative Commons is a good example of rules that make sense while fully repecting freedom and openness. So I thought I would test it by promoting a new breed of open "source": Open Recipes and Open Cuisine.
I kind of like trying things out for myself - I think Carl Jung had a type called "feeler", the active experimentator if you will. Therefore I chose to write a recipe of an adapted version of Moussaka that I created a couple of years ago. Well, a Greek guy writing a recipe about Moussaka makes sense somehow... Anyway, this is the result of using the Creative Commons framework to publish under a Share-alike license the recipe. I call this new breed of open source cuisine Open Cuisine and the recipes shall be officially called Open Recipes :-) And the French version: "Cuisine Libre" and "Recette Libre".

There are many creative ways to move towards and open and free world of sharing, caring and respect. This is one very small example that is within the limits of my modest abilities. What matters is not how great or ambitious the initiative is; what matters is the flow and movement within. Don't think too much about that, just go out and try it as an attitude; it's not perfect, it does sometimes fail and overall it does improve quality of living by transforming the way one chooses to perceive the world.

Two documents can be downloaded from this blog, one in English and the other one in French. Enjoy!
Download MoussakaOpenRecipe.pdf

Download CusineLibre_RecetteLibreMoussaka.pdf


  1. Great idea ! For another recipe see
    This recipe is only available in French unfortunately...

  2. Alex the multifacet guru. ;-) I did not know you were also a great cook during your lost moments.
    I asked Delphine to try your recipe, but u will have to visit us and taste the result.