Friday, July 29, 2005

Open source project management software

Sp3220050728212322_1A good project management tool is one of the things I have been searching for ages. And I've tried all sorts of products in the past. For me, good means straightforward, easy to use for building a project plan, providing for simple project tracking and control...

I wanted to have some very basic things because I don't need the bells and whistles of tools used by multinational companies to run complex orldwide projects with enormous constraints. On the front of theoretically easier and yet self-proclaimed powerful tools, ther is of course MS Project. And last time I tried I did not enjoy the enormous gap between promise and actual performance of MS Project: no, it is not making project management easy and yes it does require a heavy investment in learning its built-in peculiar behaviours. Of course, this is only my opinion and perhaps I am just a rare exception of a person who had a bad experience with this product...

Anyhow, I had been looking for an affordable and functional tool... This is exactly what I found this morning with Open Workbench. If you are interested in project management and want to check it out, just visit their site. They also have a version that is designed for big companies with a central repository (I think they call it Clarity, but I have not tried it). One of the things I really found extra cool with Open Workbench is the fact that it does not try to drown you under a huge number of reports, views and filters, but instead has a little engine built-in that allows you to define the project data you want to see in a given view of the project. And it is really easy to start using, both because it has a great user interface and because the user guide is very well written. Definitely worth checking.

I remain in bewildered awe before some of the achievements of the open source software movement. And I just love the passion these people are putting in their work. That is an example of what talent can produce that sometimes money cannot buy nor inspire.

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  1. Hi Alex,
    Just for information, it happens that in a research center that u know well in Luxembourg, Clarity is the new central tool that has been chosen for reporting work hours and other things. Workbench is also planned to be used.
    I do not know how good it is because i did not try it, but concerning Clarity, although it has some good features, i think for the moment that this is just a big gaz factory. Not enough intuitive to use, but this is only my own point of view.