Friday, February 10, 2006

Open creation?

One of the most remarkable French scientists and humanists of our times is Joel de Rosnay. A great mind, curious and full of good old common sense as much as he is talented with elaborate concepts. There is a great post on the blog of his latest book about the influence mass amateurism exerts today on traditional players of the media & entertainment industry. There is a dramatic increase in the supply of content because the means to produce are now available to the masses at an affordable cost with a technical quality that is close to professional standards. This makes it more difficult for the demand side of the market to identify what content is suited to their needs. It is the mass-market version of the old story of information overload we have been coping with in established businesses over the past decade. In any event, the imbalance between supply and demand, between production and our collective ability to use, changes the rules of the game. This means a radical transformation of the value chain of creation, production, distribution and compensation and consequently a major shift in the relative power of participants... which may explain why some of the traditional players are going totally nuts over the effects of the Internet, trying to fight against the tide instead of using it. A new value chain can be supported and enhanced by players like jamendo I believe.

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