Monday, June 19, 2006

Positive coverage for Jamendo

As you know I have been following Jamendo for over half a year now, doing some work on their business model and business plan. In the process I also became a member of the community and I discovered quite a few jems in the music published on Jamendo. Today, I am really excited with some very positive news from their tour in the US and from their participation to events for start-ups in Europe. Let me quote this bit from this blog:

"Company: Jamendo < >
Customers: from Google Ads
Competitors: Magnatune, Soundclick, Snocap.
Key Judge Question: As an artist what does the deal look like for me?   
Monetization: Ad sales, Media Partnerships, Revenue split with Artists 15% of commercial use licenses.
Business Challenge:  Bringing the model to the US.
Quick Take:
The have exponential growth, and like all communities that add value to
their users, they seem to be growing very fast via word-of-mouth.  The
business model is also refreshing and should go far.
Would I invest: Yes."

The following links are also interesting to visit if you want to learn more about Jamendo.

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