Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Very interesting security product

SP32-20060607-090614I have been trying out the personal edition of a security product called GesWall produced by Gentlesecurity, a company based in Luxembourg. I met the guys who developed GesWall. I decided to try the personal edition of the product and will also run tests on the server version.

The personal edition is really great and it protects my machine from intrusions and malware using an innovative approach: what GesWall does for me is to isolate suspicious applications and processes from the rest of my machine, allowing them to run without letting them impact the machine itself. I tried running BitTorrent and Skype in isolated mode; the applications run fine and anything they produce in terms of files stored on my machine will also be isolated by GesWall Personal Edition. SP32-20060607-091236Here’s a screenshot of BitTorrent running in isolated mode, while downloading music from Jamendo (of course). The files it saves on my machine are automatically isolated by GesWall; GesWall allows me to use those files in non-isolated mode.

In fact this product allows me to dynamically manage my machine’s security without requiring any updates of virus or malware data files, nor any complicated configuration from me as a user. Great stuff.


  1. This sounds great and I will try it out if I can.

  2. Hello Alex,
    I have downloaded the software and running it. It has automatically isolated Skype. Do you have suggestions on what to do with Outlook, Firefox etc.? Should I run them isolated or not?

  3. Hi David,
    It's all a matter of which applications you want to allow to do what on your machine. I personally run Skype in isolated mode because it's P2P and I don't want any unauthorised accesses to my system. Firefox is set to run in non isolated mode although I wonder about some of the extensions I have on it. As far as Outlook goes, well I can't really help because I am not using this product (much too heavy IMHO)...
    Let me know what you think about GesWall.

  4. Hello Alex,
    I have installed GesWall and it seems to be working fine on my PC. I cannot really tell if it works fine as it has not given me any warnings or caused any events so far. But I believe the concept is very good and I will continue using it. Will be looking for your updates on your experience with this software.