Monday, December 18, 2006

Are you person of the year?

Time_poy2006Now, that's quite an acknowledgment, coming from traditional media: the web  has shifted the balance of influence it seems, with people taking more power in  their own hands. Mass media is being transformed,   perhaps becoming the media of the masses as claimed over a year ago by Joel de Rosnay. It's quite clear that things are changing and no longer will consumption of information be as it used to be in the early days of mass media. In the recent conference Le Web 3, I was impressed when a top French journalist (Jean-Pierre Elkabach) failed to take control of the interview of one of the French presidential candidate as the organizers gave the floor for questions to the bloggers first. That would have been impossible only a few years back.
This space is getting extremely interesting and as a blogger and tech enthusiast I can only rejoice at the fact that the web is finally recognized as a power to be reckoned with. Also particularly pleased that the reality of the Information Age is made so clear.


  1. I work in a marketing / communication agency. I immediately forwarded the 2006 Time cover to help people understand the real dimension of the phenomenon - believe me or not, the youngest emplyees are not always the most tech savvy, far from it !
    Impressive also: "person of the year" is now N°1 tag on Technorati (web3 is definitely over :-)

  2. I guess it is not necessarily easy for people, youg or old, to understand the momentous changes that are taking place. I think it is a matter of focus and attention and also a matter of people's psychological profile, which is not always correlated with age.
    It's rather good that tag "leweb3" is slowly fading away.