Monday, September 24, 2007

European Start-Up Academy winners

Out of the six companies selected among 240 candidates as winners of the European Start-Up Academy, I like particularly Buildersite (which will undoubtedly remind something to a friend who was working on a project in painting services for private and professional markets). The most mysterious project seems to be Project Playfair, which apparently has "hypernumbers" (analogous to hypertext but for numbers) as central concept. Zemanta sounds pretty cool, although I am curious to see how it works because choosing relevant pictures and illustrations based on the input of a text sounds challenging (try having a machine extract meaning from a text of science fiction). Kublax is probably where I have some doubts: how many people would like the ida of handling their personal finances on an online platform over which they have no control?

Anyway, there is quite a lot of interesting stuff going on in Europe although it is nowhere near the entrepreneurial frenzy of North America.
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  1. nice article, and nice to see the great ideas are still buzzing in so many heads. The prize giving ceremony for the Belgian Enterprize competition is getting close, by the way. Am curious to see what will be the result ... :)
    See you soon, and take care !

  2. Thanks for your comment. Perhaps among the winners in Belgium we will see something that would be extremely convenient these days: a distributed system / social network allowing citizens to bypass politicians for forming a government ;-)