Monday, September 24, 2007

Luxembourg-based company registering 3-letter domain names

Why does a Luxembourg-based company called Quinv invest so much money registering systematically all 3-letter domain names? Apparently there seems to be a business case behind that, which is rumored to be a form of asset backed bond. The revenues that can be generated through these domains will be used to issue one or more asset backed securities, thus allowing the company to make money by generating more profit than required to service the obligations stemming from the existence of the asset backed securities. Perhaps there is more... Don't forget that Skype was initiated in Luxembourg

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    21 de Junio de 2007   

Ayer se daba la noticia en el foro Demene. Los dominios .es de 3 letras se acaban…

Una empresa llamada QUINV SA ubicada en Luxemburgo y relacionada de alguna manera con el blog DomainNews  ha registrado casi todos los dominios de 3 letras .es que quedaban libres.

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Los dominios .es de 3 letras han volado

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