Thursday, January 29, 2009

Social media gaining more traction than expected

A very interesting conclusion of recent study by Pew shows that social media is on track for faster adoption than previously believed. And this means that the media landscape is on the brink of yet another radical change in the way owners of content relate to their audience and communities. Exciting stuff.

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"The share of adult Internet users who have a profile on an online social network site has more than quadrupled in the past four years -- from eight percent in 2005 to 35 percent now."

"It appears that American adults are moving into social networks more quickly than top 100 news organizations."

McLellan cited recent Bivings Group research, which found that only one in 10 major news organization sites offer social networking features

It's not the site, it's the links, the connections and the network.

I think McLellan is on to a couple of interesting ideas here. First, that mindset and culture -- not resources and technology -- are the key barriers to news organizations benefiting from social media.

the willingness to continuously experiment is the most likely path to success in media. This includes not just trying out new technologies, but learning how to value engagement other than page views on your site.

one of the more rewarding ways news orgs can connect more fully with their audiences

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