Monday, February 16, 2009

Tribalization of business

An interesting piece covering the "tribalization" of business, which shows that:

  1. communities are about delivering significant transformational dynamics in any competitive game

  2. the role of CMO needs to become more "networked" and start dealing actively with community management. Companies may need a Chief Community Officer although with my previous posts you must have guessed that I hold the CxO roles as nothing more than participants in a business and organizational network: they have no particular significance especially if they try to do the job ib a traditional deterministic way in a world that is increasingly chaotic

  3. companies need new approaches to management in order to include community dynamics in the way the business is managed, which means that it's more about managing networks of talent than about tweaking the rigid hierarchical pyramid to coexist with the community. In fact there are important implications to this especially when it comes to leaderhip, measuring performance and solving conflicts

Here's the presentation, which is heavily marketing & communications oriented, but I think has implications well beyond those areas.

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