Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Makes a Great Salesperson?

In these challenging times several of my customers are looking at expanding their salesforce, which may seem paradoxical but in fact is not. This morning I came across a good piece by Inc on what makes a good salesperson (see link below). My top three attributes

  1. great listening skills because very often the customer is actually stating needs behind questions or the expression of wants

  2. ability to open doors and develop the relational capital

  3. ability to profitably close deals

What Makes a Great Salesperson?

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    You must be able to “put yourself in the shoes” of the person you are selling to in order to be a successful salesperson. When you don't particularly like the person you're selling to, this isn't always simple. The best salesmen, on the other hand, find a way, and this is what distinguishes a good salesman from a terrible one.