Thursday, March 5, 2009

Seemingly dissimilar items composing a coherent picture

Today is one of these days when I can express better than on most other days why I carefully remain on a spot that is common frontier to several seemingly different worlds: business, marketing, technology, psychology, software development, complex adaptive systems, social media... At the end of the day this is also what defines BusinessQuests: the often treacherous area defined by 'business + innovation + technology', where starting from what drives people is a fundamental starting point. BusinessQuests is where people's quests drive business value and where people's values resonate with quests in business.

What a good day this was! Started early, spent the day in two cities
while cooperating with people in 7 different areas of the world and
discovering refreshing perspectives... I met some pretty creative and passionate entrepreneurs, got exposure to beautiful artistic creations including some nice stuff with Philippe Stark (an awesome super-passionate creator) and had a speedy meeting with Nicolas Martignole a leading practitioner of agile practices in the field of software development.
What's the common thread? Several things:

  1. all was made possible thanks to the tsunami of innovation of the past 15 years, which brings quantum leaps in productivity and a degree of flexibility one cannot even dream to have in established companies (there are in fact a couple of exceptions)

  2. quality of experience is defined by the encounter between subject and object, between the user and the tool, between the objective and the means... All of the exposure I got today was high-quality in that respect. I'd call it flow and resonance...

  3. the fundamental dynamics of all of these moments were defined by emergent forms of organization, nothing predefined or predetermined, no rigidity and yet lots of harmony and order...

  4. in most instances today it was all about co-generating creative and productive moments with people who participated to working sessions to co-create, to exchange, to focus on what makes a damn difference, not on pecking order, power struggles and ego-play... Good stuff. Today I came across some chaps who are excellent representatives of what I call "High Tide of Talent"

  5. underlying all was the coexistence of content and relationships, the necessary combination of network optimization and content adequacy, which is ultimately a fundamental recipe in many areas of the emerging business environment from SEO/SEM issues to how causes are supported to activism to software development (one of the reasons why agile is gaining traction) to business development and even perhaps to venture and entreprise financing

Apologies for being philosophical on this one, but some things need to be approached from a different angle and make it necessary to use the perenial principle of beautiful creation: COUS, that is Combination of Opposites and Union of Similars... More on that in a future post :)

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