Friday, October 20, 2006

Hell of a week. Balancing life.

It's been a hell of a week and I thank the Universe I am away tomorrow... I've had a lot of stuff to deliver and Excel gave me a rough ride with a big fat formula-rich file that got corrupted to the point of requiring a full reengineering (oops! here's the ugly word again!) Fortunately I just love the client and the challenge they are facing.

Anyway, it's been a lot of very short nights and I found that even though time may be lacking it is of the essence to maintain a balance in my life. So while I was clearly trying to squeeze output out of each instant, I still took the time to go swim and made a point to achieve some progress (don't look for any olympic performance there, but still there is always a limit to beat). I also took time to do something that I find very relaxing too: my weekly session of Taiji Quan.

I think that showing calm determination in balancing life builds a very healty kind of energy and in fact it may even be far more intense and focused energy than sleeping a bit more. Anyway, that's my two dimes of life balance stuff learned (again) this week.

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