Monday, October 2, 2006

Salon des micro-entreprises

Meet me at Salon des micro-entreprises on 10-OCT-2006.

One of the things I just love doing in this life is helping companies
in their business quests. A business quest is always an entrepreneurial
challenge, be it for a start-up or for a more established company.
Whether the issue is about growing a business or reinventing an
existing operation, there is a challenge and a quest. So, whenever I get an opportunity to go meet people on a business quest I try to do it; not always easy because of time constraints...

Next week, I will be at a fair targeted on very small companies; it's taking place in Paris. I am quite curious to see what is being offered to the different types of entrepreneurs who start in business. From companies of one to early stage start-ups, from meeting potential partners (and competitors) to discussing entrepreneurship with experts, this seems to be an interesting place to visit for those who are interested in serving small and medium businesses in Europe. In fact this fair is very focused on France. Interestingly the people who organize the event mention that very small businesses account for 34% of the workforce in France and 97% of companies in existence. What the press release does not say is what share of GDP these companies produce: that's where I think there is quite an opportunity.

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