Monday, October 2, 2006


I guess one of the things that strike me most with really excellent people in business is how modest and humble they are. Guy Kawasaki is one such example and I was impressed with his recent facilitation of a panel aimed at understanding what young people actually do with technology. He started by saying he is a venture investor in technologies that target young people and quickly proceeded to explaining that he and his partners do not consider they know much about how young people actually use tech products. That's humility.

Guy's conclusion is that something pretty radical is happening to advertising (and I agree with him on that). He mentions amazing facts like a teenager sending 4000 text messages per month or non mainstream (and very cool) sites used by young poeple. The post is wort reading and the video from the panel worth viewing for the following customers:

  1. BuzzParadise, because it gives trends in the US that basically confirm those we are seeing in Europe in the business of advertising, public relation and marketing services;

  2. Jamendo, because it speaks volumes about the massive differences in behaviour from marketing segment to marketing segment. In fact it's really group dynamics that prevail and segments are in fact tribes these days (which is one of the reasons why the social Internet is so hot);

  3. those of my customers who target customers in specific age groups, because the very practical approach Guy Kawasaki has about marketing research is really worth using to actually adapt product offerings to the needs and lives of actual customers;

  4. business partners involved in the field of helping start-up or high-growth companies, because this material actually shows how successful ventrue capitalists work and therefore how the same VCs will actually proceed to build expertise on the focus field of their funds;

  5. virtually all of the companies hosted at Technoport, a very dynamic business incubator for tech innovative companies in Luxembourg, because of some of the conclusions one can derive from the panel.


  1. Hello Alex,
    BuzzParadise seems very interesting to me. I checked out their website, and I must say this is one of the finer websites I have seen. Impressive.
    Best, David

  2. David,
    BuzzParadise is not only a fine IT & Internet platform, but also (and in my opinion most importantly) a great bunch of motivated and talented people.