Monday, March 3, 2008

How to run a (re)branding workshop

In recent work sessions and discussions with customers and prospective business partners I was asked to provide some input regarding a process that could support a (re)branding exercise. While I have by no means developed anything to generate relevant brands or names for products or services, I have been asked to run workshops aimed at helping teams agree on the (re)branding of one of their products or services. These sessions were structured using several tools coming straight out of NLP as well as methods developed by Dr De Bono and a fantastic design company called IDEO. So I decided to make the process available under Creative Commons license for anyone who may need to use it. Feedback is very welcome as I look forward to the opportunity of improving the way the workshop is structured and the adequacy of the issues tackled. Please note that these slides are "facilitator's training or prep" rather than stuff that can be shown to the participants of the workshop.

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