Friday, February 4, 2005

Is tech bashing the way to go? #2

Well, let's cut a long story short: infotech is the single most significant evolution in recent human history with consequences that go well beyond our most daring imagination. It is not only a radical change per se but also an enabler driving deep transformation and advances in business, life sciences and space exploration.

As with all advances, we as a species will most definitely manage to make the best as well as the worst uses of it. The question is whether we will be better at doing good stuff or really bad stuff with infotech...

I believe the benefits of infotech to be enormous and I think anyone who refuses the acknowledge the profound changes it brings to all human activities must have been or  still is in one of the following states:

  1. has been hibernating for the past 35 years (at least)

  2. was born without analytical functions in the brain

  3. was abducted by aliens many years ago like Fox Mulder's sister and just came back (unlike Fox Mulder's sister)

  4. thinks infotech is a new kind of music

  5. thinks email is the stack of paper his secreatary prints out for him / her every morning

  6. imagines the world wide web as an attack of giant spiders on the planet

  7. believes ERP means Evening Radio Programme

... you just add your own explanations. It's funny and the list can become mega long.

"Organizations with lousy infostructures will look like 65-year-olds competing in the Olympic marathon wearing high heels and evening gowns" - Funky Business

That's ALL organizations including the most scandalously preserved oligopolies and monopolies (lawyers, notaries public, bankers)...
...within 10 years at most

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