Friday, February 25, 2005

On decisions

Making a decision is often a difficult exercise. I personally found it easier to decide in business contexts than in personal matters. Perhaps it is so because it is easier for me to have "detached involvement", as Jagdish Parikh puts it, in business rather than in my personal life. Sometimes in the past I felt unable to decide because the availability of all options and possibilities was more important to me than the execution of a decision. Sometimes marvelling before the potential of all the possible courses of action was more rewarding than chosing one path... Perhaps it was the sheer fact of eliminating all other possibilities but the one selected that caused me to feel ill at ease. Anyhow, I sometimes delayed decisions so much that I eventually lost the window of opportunity and therefore decisions were forced on me by other people or by situations. My conclusions and my lessons are that:

  1. it is impossible not to decide;

  2. if I don't make my decision, then a decision will make me;

  3. a course of action imposed by situations or other people is less good for me than a course of action I have selected, even if my choice turns out to be wrong.

Well, these are just my lessons, not a universal truth. I just felt like sharing that with you today.

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