Wednesday, February 2, 2005

The meaning of my logo

Ap_logo21Yesterday I told you about the process that led me to become a freelance professional manager. It's now time for me to tell you what my logo means.

"ap" are my initials and the "a" is underlined because I want people to call me "alex", no capital letter needed. My brand is friendly and accessible to people who want to contribute something positive to themselves and to the world in this life.

The inverted question mark represents my natural tendency to ask questions, sometimes so-called "stupid" questions, because I am not afraid of what I don't know yet or don't undertsand yet. The question mark is inverted because I tend to turn questions upside down until I feel the quest becomes harmonious. Questions need to have grace and I absolutely need to be passionate about the questions if I want to be passionate with the answers. That too is a lesson from past projects that failed. Yes, I have been involved in projects that did fail and no I am not one of those perfect professionals with spotless track records built in dreamland or in risk-averse, frozen corporate environments. And obviously, I am not one of those super brilliant guys (perhaps like Tom Peters) who were on the right track very early on in their lives. That's why my logo contains a question mark and that's why it's inverted: past experience, both failures and successes, made me reflect on the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything... So I am used to turning questions upside down productively :-)

Anyway, getting back to the meaning of my logo: the orange rays coming out of the inverted question mark represent all the avenues that become possible once the question-crunching exercise has reached a proper level of harmony. The sky is the limit for what can be done when the attitude and approach are right (see post of Feb, 1st).

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