Sunday, February 6, 2005

What is an elephant?

Onetruthperperson_1We all have our own very personal ways of looking at the world.

I know it sounds trivial, but from experience I know how difficult it is to actually keep that in mind all the time.

I know the size of the gap between understanding something intellectually and actually doing what I understand.

So I chose this picture as a reminder for:

  • speaking to prospects and customers

  • interviewing users of computer systems

  • creating and delivering workshops

  • training people on so called "productivity" suites when productivity goes down the drain simply because Word is used like the good old typewriter or a user does not trust Excel to add properly the contents of two cells

  • discussing with other people about their careers (people tend to confide a lot... must be the trust inspired by the bald-man)

  • ...

If you would like to view the image in full size, just click on it.

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