Thursday, February 10, 2005

HTT+ - Fiorina is out

"Carly virée" = Carly Fiorina is out!

That was the SMS I received from a friend of mine who knew of my constant ranting about how bad Carly was for HP. Negative or destructive events seldom cause me to feel elated; but I must admit these were good news.

Best news for HP since the end of the past century. Great indication that the tide is turning in favor of talent.

Carly Fiorina might be a great communicator, might have great public relations and might be a great marketing person...BUT she certainly was not a great CEO for HP and that has been absolutely evident from day 1... Does anybody remember her Comdex speech right after she became CEO? Empty, no vision, meaningless, pittyful... How about the brilliant decision to stop investing in HP-Unix? Instead of, I don't know, something bold and daring like open-sourcing the technology or merging it with Linux or joint-venturing it in China... And how did you like the "me-too" initiative on "e-services", mimicking Big Blue, only with a delay of a few years? Let me not start writing about "The Compaq Affair"...

"Adaptability is not imitation. It means power of resistance and assimilation" - Mahatma Gandhi 

Let Us Move On!



  1. I was waiting such a post :-))
    'La critique est aisée, l'art est difficile' and boards and shareholders are as blind and stupid as we are ...
    I give her also the right to be wrong ...
    Take care

  2. Well, I suppose you are right. My intent was not so much to blame Carly and some people could even say that since I have not reached such "heights" myself I should not even dare an opinion... In which case democracy and freedom should only be reserved to the chosen few. The question being "who chooses?"...
    I guess I am just really surprised that the conclusion should be reached over four years after the first very worrying signs. I take it boards and directors and CEOs make mistakes. Yes it is their right. Then why not sack the entire board of HP?
    "Quis custodiet custodes?" - Aldous Huxley