Friday, January 20, 2006

Don't shoot the messenger!

I am absolutely appalled at the fact that, in Europe too, peer-to-peer technology (and perhaps technology in general) is often equated to piracy and disrespect for authors' rights. Don't shoot the messenger, please! P2P is really just the means and it can serve several ends, just like an axe can be a useful tool or a deadly weapon. I personally believe P2P is a fantastic enabler for many businesses, including the entertainment industry, only the value system is likely to change a lot and its beneficiaries may not be the traditional middlemen.

What I have been reading these days about the media & entertainment industry only confirms jamendo has a great contribution to make to free music in an open world.

Anyway, here's an interesting article about the issues facing the media and entertainment industry today. It provides figures and trends that are instructive although it also shoots the messenger...

Les dossiers chauds du Midem
LE MONDE | 19.01.06
© Le

On a more philosophical level I wonder: is the confusion between means and ends accidental or intentional in modern media coverage? Incidentally, the same class of confusion applies to many other fields of modern life: climbing the corporate ladder is seen as an end by some, being in power is seldom a means to serve the general interest...

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