Thursday, January 26, 2006

My phone is my pal?

Apparently a market survey carried out in Britain shows that 90% of the population checks their mobile phones for messages once per hour, 80% feel anxiety if they do not have their phone with them for a prolonged period of time, 84% always have their phone in sight and 60% would feel worse if they lost their cellular phone than if they lost the keys to their home. According to an expert in addictions people increasingly consider their phone as a friend... (source: Le Monde,,1-0@2-651865,36-734576@51-632223,0.html)

- Conclusion #1: I am not addicted to my phone. Not really a surprise.

- Conclusion #2: Ray Bradburry may have been very right in Farenheit 451. Scary.

- Conclusion #3: We are headed towards a future in which an overwhelming proportion of the population will use one single device to perform a number of transactions previously executed with different devices and industries like payments cards had better watch this space. This is going to be fun for me.

- Conclusion #4: a cool company I was telling you about a few weeks ago (Mocom - has a great opportunity in the UK. Go for it!

- Conclusion #5: because of natural limitations of bandwidth in mobile networks, BitTorrent or similar approaches are likely to become no-brainers to deliver content to users on the move, pretty much like jamendo ( does. Open music on the go?

- Conclusion #6: marketing tactics of the GSM industry are worth considering as sources of inspiration for other offerings on the market. If they have managed to be granted such an important place in people's minds, they must be doing quite a few things right. Let us analyze this!

Extremely interesting...

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