Friday, May 26, 2006

Jamendo at Opensource Day

Jamendo presented at an event devoted to opensource day in Belgium. Here's the account. Jamendo's CEO outlined the trends he and his team are betting on to develop Jamendo and transform the music industry's model by establishing a direct channel between creators of music and their users all over the world:

  1. mass amateurism - today as technical means become widely available at an affordable price, the barrier to production is not access to capital or to the people with privileged access to exclusive infrastructures. It's more about talent than about money as the authors of Funky Business would say.

  2. networks of activists - citizens are taking a number of things in their own hands to promote open access to content and to fight against artificially imposed scarcity of content.

  3. bad guys - established players of the music industry have made a choice to be tought instead of being smart. People react to their violent reaction against open technologies, peer-to-peer networks without discrimination on their legality, user's right to use content they paid for as authorized by law, people's privacy...

  4. business logic - the cost of content today is the result of artificially orchestrated scarcity, not that of free market forces. By building a business model on the assumption that we are now in an economy of abundance of content and scarcity of attention, Jamendo has a solution to address the needs of professional users of music.

This space is moving and I think Laurent and Jamendo are on a very interesting track, if I may say so.

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