Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Plaxo goes VoIP with Jajah

The VoIP space is getting crowded and there will be consolidation with a bloodbath. There are a couple of players I am willing to bet on though and Jajah is certainly one of those. I really like the way these guys are moving and they might just become a most compelling personal communciations center. Next step is to piggy-back on some of Skype's functions like chat and to start addressing the needs of PBX users through tools like Peerio's and we have a big winner.

From Digg:

Plaxo, that company that drove some people nuts with e-mail invitations to its service, is getting on the voice over Internet Protocol bandwagon.

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  1. Jajah is offering a new service on its website - sending messages to phone numbers. Looks interesting.

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