Friday, September 1, 2006

First day in Toronto, Ontario

Canada_flagFirst day in Toronto. First impressions outstanding. Nice people, nice city, exceptional blend of cultures and styles. A great feeling of openness, freedom and respect.
In fact I came here because a dear couple of friends is living in Toronto (and they love it)... So for me it is a great opportunity to discover a new place and discovery sometimes leads to interesting inspirations. Who knows?
I was stunned this morning in the underground reading a poster of the TTC, the local public transports organization, stating that they are able to provide information and service to their customers in 70 languages... Amazing! Canada seems to be a surprising blend of a developed country and a country that still has a lot of development opportunities for the future.

Today was a lot of walking downtown. China town is a beautiful experience and a great place for anyone who wants to study commercial talent... Tomorrow's schedule says "Greek part of Toronto" (how could I not go there after all?) and uptown... Let's see what the impressions will be.

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