Friday, September 29, 2006

Massive denial of service on Network Solutions

I have been unable to send or receive email for the past few hours and a support person at Network Solutions told me they were experiencing massive problems with their email servers. "Sporadic" denial of service or something like that, she called it. This makes me think how reliant we have now become on email. It also gives an idea of the helplesness of a company that provides hosting services to the masses when confronted with something they cannot even assess in terms of actual damage (they don't know if I will get all of my mail or not)... Food for thought for my customers who provide online services. As far as I am concerned I guess it is a great opportunity to work on my equanimity and patience!

On a more practical level, please copy any emails you are sending to me to my Gmail address for the next couple of days and please resend any email that was returned to you over the past couple of days to


  1. I was one of them who had his E-Mail to you returned - twice already.

  2. Thanks for the info. Now back online. I think NetSol did a pretty good job at solving the problem.