Thursday, January 4, 2007

Clipmarks rocks

I've been using a great tool called Clipmarks for the past few weeks and it's just awesome. Given that I have a bias for sifting through a lot of information when working on a project this is exactly the sort of tool I needed because it allows me to keep track of the meaningful and useful parts of web sites I visit, thus also helping me cope with the incredible loads of information that are available. Before using Clipmarks I used to make PDF files of pages which contained some useful information. Needless to say the management of those files was a real challenge.
Features I just love with Clipmarks:

  1. the ability to pick several parts of a page and to save them on Clipmarks as one document (called a clip in Clipmarkese)

  2. the ability to send a document to friends and contacts via email

  3. tagging of clips

  4. submission of clips to

  5. the ability to organize clips as "collections" (which are pretty much like categories, but can be qualifications of privacy if you want)

  6. the submission of clips to a community of users who will "pop" the clip and push it to first page (a bit like Digg)

  7. the creation of a personal web space with all of my clips

Clipmarks is absolutely great.


  1. It's so great to hear how much you're enjoying your Clipmarks experience Alex! Thanks for the kind words, they really help drive us forward.
    Look forward to seeing you in the Clipiverse in 2007.

  2. Keep going. You're creating something really big. Perhaps the best thing I've seen for making sense of the incredible amounts of info that are available on the web. And very smart too since you interface and collaborate with established tools I am using instead of trying to "become central" and replace what exists, a mistake many young companies make unfortunately.

  3. Reading your review (I found it via Technorati) and I have to say that I agree 100% with you. Clipmarks is the best that ever happened to me in the internet. Bookmarking was yesterday - Clipmarks is the future!
    See ya at the big Clip ;-)