Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Google's weaknesses?

The panel discussing weaknesses in Google's model have made some pretty interesting contributions, but they seem to focus their thinking around the idea that Google is about search more than anything else. Their argument is that advertisers don't need to access audiences through search and that instead they can or should access the audience directly based on online behavior. That's all great except for the fact that Google is much more than just search and that when the audience becomes acquainted with and strats using more massively the rest of Google's services, the story will definitely change. Mike Yavonditte of Quigo made a very interesting remark saying tat Google is after every single platform or channel there can be and that their motto of "organizing the world's data" with actually end up applying to this space as "organizing the world's advertising". And there was an interesting question from the audience claiming that with the advent of video, the importance of text based search will lessen, which should be Google's biggest weakness right now. I certainly agree with that.

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