Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Technorati service: where's the fire

AlwaysOn Media NYC has started and it certainly feels good to be attending as both topics and participants are very interesting.
Of course, as often in these events, there was an announcement of a new service that Technorati is about to launch (should happen within the next 24 hours), which makes it possible for bloggers to write a sort of summary with the background information pertaining to a top rated topic on Technorati's "Top Searches". The summary will be like a little wiki and allow the people who contribute to display the most relevant link for a given topic. In a way, Technorati is implementing a form of community driven content moderation, which I find quite interesting because it capitalizes on social dynamics, while being economically affordable.
Another thing that I found worth analyzing carefully is the intense cooperation between Technorati and Ogilvy, the latter seeming more than interested in understanding and taking full advantage of the web like in past times they were able to become familiar with another then revolutionary new media, television. To me this means that Madison Avenue is not sound asleep as some people seem to portray it and that means the opening of fantastic opportunities for companies that are already successful in the space of online marketing communication services and brand management services. Of course, when giants start waking up, the game gets rougher, but at the end of the day flexibility, speed, creativity, specific core competencies and experience with new media will be the defining factors. I suspect established companies will attempt to buy those assets instead of developing them in-house. Expect a wave of crazy M&A operations.

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